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Westside Auto Brokers Inc (bestrex.com) operates a vehicle donation program to help support Berea's Animal Rescue Fund or "ARF". Donated vehicles have included cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, house trailers, and lawn mowers. In general, we appreciate the donation of anything of value. The donated items are marketed and sold on our web site. The entire sale price minus a $25.00 title fee and any repair/reconditioning costs is forwarded to the shelter.

This program has helped support the shelter's operation for years. We are also active volunteers at the shelter that houses hundreds of otherwise homeless cats & dogs until suitable homes are found for them. Because we are a "No Kill" shelter, some animals have lived there for years. Over 150 animal passionate volunteers care for and love these animals 365 days each year, as trained healthcare personnel provide medical attention as needed. For more information regarding our donation program, please see ARFCARS.COM. For information in regard to adopting or volunteering at the shelter, please go to BEREAANIMALRESCUE.COM.

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